Hany Anan professional sustainable developer and project manager with extensive experience in entrepreneurship and technology.

Meet Hany Anan

Welcome to my Blog! I’m Hany Anan, a passionate advocate for sustainability, entrepreneurship, project management, and an avid traveler. My journey is one of curiosity and commitment—to learn, to lead, and to leave a mark on the world. From navigating the complexities of development projects to exploring the beauty of hidden travel gems, my life is a combination of experiences. Each experience teaching me the value of resilience, innovation, and the power of perspective. I live with a motto that “Let us all give the help we wish we had”. This reflects the way I work and connect with people putting myself in their shoes toward building a more peaceful world.

My favorite song is “Baby Keep Smiling” and yes you will always see me smiling because there is nothing worth ruining our day or life.

Why I am starting this Hany Anan blog

This blog is my digital sanctuary, a space where I weave together my four pillars: sustainability, entrepreneurship, project management, and travel. Here, I share insights from my journey, lessons learned from the field of development, tips for budding entrepreneurs, and stories from my travels. More than just a collection of posts, this blog is a dialogue with you—the curious, the motivated, and the change-makers. Together, let’s explore ideas that inspire, challenge conventional wisdom, and contribute to a sustainable and inclusive future.

Each post is a chapter of my life’s book that is called Hany Anan, and I invite you to turn these pages with me. Whether you’re here for professional insights or personal stories, I hope to spark curiosity and encourage action towards a more equitable and adventurous world

My educational background

I started my educational journey at the American University of Beirut, where I pursued a degree in Engineering (Electrical and Computer Engineering)—a field that taught me not just about the intricacies of technology but also about solving real-world problems. I finished my degree with the support of several scholarships that covered 100% of my tuition fees. Since my university years, I knew that engineering will not be my career, but rather a building step toward having an analytical and technical mindset. After working for several years in the field of sustainable development, I am currently enhancing my knowledge and skills by pursuing a Master’s degree in Global Technology and Development (Applied International Development) at Arizona State University. This blend of technical and developmental education forms the cornerstone of my approach to development leveraging my skills and experience in project management and entrepreneurship.

My professional experience

Embarking on my professional journey before even reaching the age of 17, I rapidly gained the maturity and insight needed to carve out a fulfilling career path. A pivotal moment came when I was introduced to the entrepreneurial world through Riyada for Social Innovation, a Lebanese social enterprise dedicated to empowering youth to become changemakers. This experience was not just a stepping stone but a gateway that helped me uncover my passion for entrepreneurship and social impact.

Working with the UNDP in Lebanon

By 2020, at the young age of 20, I joined the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as a consultant, focusing on the digital transformation of youth programs in the wake of COVID-19. This role evolved into a full-time position following my university graduation, where I now serve as the Youth Development Delegate in Lebanon. In this capacity, I lead the implementation and management of youth-centric projects at the national level and support regional initiatives, contributing to the empowerment of young individuals across the Arab region.

Meet ToRead, my baby!

Parallel to my tenure at UNDP, I embarked on a personal venture by founding ToRead SARL, a social enterprise I fondly refer to as my “baby.” Established in 2021, ToRead SARL aims to empower the youth of Lebanon and the MENA Region by equipping them with 21st-century skills, thereby opening doors to scholarships, seminars, and job opportunities.

Now, at 24, I possess over seven years of diverse professional experience that uniquely positions me as a dynamic force in the field. My entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with a technical mindset and a deep commitment to sustainable development, has enabled me to lead teams and projects successfully, as demonstrated through my company, ToRead, and various programs I’ve been part of. My journey reflects a unique professional character, blending the innovation and energy of a young entrepreneur with the professionalism and experience gained from working with a spectrum of local, regional, and international organizations.

To know more about my experience, I invite you to check my LinkedIn profile – Hany Anan or check my CV (PDF)